I have closed my personal website. However, the latest versions of my piano program, Click MusicalKEYS are available on this page.

My articles on this site are here: http://reflectionsindia.org/showuser.php?userid=Prakashatma
I can be reached at bapuli@reflectionsindia.org
Your Click MusicalKEYS is a gem! There is nothing on the Web that could compare to your perfectly professional program, which is FREE! I have sent it to my Grandson in Poland for him to learn the art of composing music. My best wishes to you regarding your future great works! Dr. W. Kostecki, University of Technology in Lae

Click Musical keys is a work of genius! We use it with our pupils in school everyday. Thank you Bapuli for developing this software and letting us have it for free. We are very grateful. Keep up the good work. Stuart Clyde, UK

I work with blind people, helping them with their studies, and I am going to try to use this software with them, as many would like to play an instrument but do not have the possibility to buy one or even learn how to play. May you be blessed by your initiative on creating this software! Thank you very much. I will return to you with the results of the work with them. Luiz Paulo, Brazil

I had been hunting for a program like yours for a long time. You have made a GREAT CONTRIBUTION to music learners. Thanks once again for the ClickMusicalKeys and midiconv programs. Dr. B.K. Murthy, Asst Prof, NIT Warangal, India

Dear Bapuli, Thank you so much for your amazing work. Click Musical keys is simple but powerful. This will benefit the elderly who start to learn computer in our organization. The elderly and we are grateful. We love it. Yours sincerely, Ming, Hong Kong

Your virtual keyboard is simply beautiful, and very useful to me (makes my laptop a complete composer assistant --> I don't need an external keyb to try voicings anymore) Thank you for promoting the free access to free software. Step, USA

Click MusicalKEYS can emulate 128 musical instruments on the PC and allows saving the recordings as MIDI files.

Download Click MusicalKEYS (for Windows)

Click MusicalKEYS for Android

Click MusicalKEYS app for Android does not display ads, has 7 musical instruments and 3 octaves, with recording to midi and multitouch support.

Download Click MusicalKEYS (for Android)

On the phone, go to Settings -> Application Settings and check the Unknown Sources checkbox before installing clickmusicalkeys.apk
unknown sources

Lekhaka lets you type in Indian languages, Hindi and Odia in Phoenetic English or in Harvard Kyoto format for Sanskrit.

Download Lekhaka (for Windows)

Soft on Eyes
SoftonEyes adjusts laptop's brightness dynamically using the built-in webcam. (Re-uploaded on request)

Download SoftonEyes (for Windows)