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  software developer, designer, pianist.

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Programming for Beginners

My book Programming for Beginners, aimed at school students and beginners is now on sale. The readers can learn how to make applications using different programming languages such as C++, C# and

The book also covers the basics in web designing and server-side web application development using PHP and Examples are given that will help the readers create simple games like Mario and social networking sites.

Click MusicalKEYS is an onscreen musical keyboard program to play and record piano music through the computer with 128 musical instruments. The current release is the sequel to the original Click MusicalKEYS which I had first made when I was in school.
The new version allows the user to save melodies as MIDI files.

Download Click MusicalKEYS (for Windows)

Click MusicalKEYS for Android

Download Click MusicalKEYS (for Android phones)

The Click MusicalKEYS app for Android does not show any ads, has 7 musical instruments, 3 octaves, recording to midi and multitouch support. Read more

On the phone, go to Settings -> Application Settings and check the Unknown Sources checkbox before opening clickmusicalkeys.apk
unknown sources

Download Click MusicalKEYS (for Linux)

Easychess is a free chess game to play chess with the computer.

Download Easy Chess

Wssecure is a security program for Windows that can be used to detect unknown viruses and spyware. It allows the power user to trust system executables initially and alerts when new programs are run or when existing programs are modified. With Wssecure, a user can take a snapshot of either the processes or all .exe and .dll files and get alerts when a new .exe runs. The program will immediately detect a new spyware which might get installed through a remote exploit.

Download wssecure Application Monitor

Antispy guard is an add-on for Wssecure (only for 32bit versions of Windows) that will automatically block and prevent new programs from running that are not in the list of trusted programs.
The system executables should be added as trusted using Advanced Controls > Trust all executables of Wssecure before running Antispy guard. *Does not work in Windows 8

Download Antispy guard for Wssecure

FilesProtect is a program that prevents the modification of sensitive files and directories by placing locks on them. The program can prevent both accidental deletion of files and unintentional modifications caused by some viruses.

Download FilesProtect file protection

StarryNight Sky is an astronomical program that displays the chart of the entire night sky showing the position of moon, the planets and the stars.

Download StarryNight Sky

Simple Downloader is a program that can resume downloads from http servers. Useful if the Internet gets disconnected often.

Download Simple Downloader

SoftonEyes is a program that will adjust the laptop's brightness dynamically using the built-in web camera. If the room's lights are turned off, SoftonEyes will automatically dim the display. It will again brighten the display when lights are turned on.

Download SoftonEyes

Bandwidth Monitor is a widget like program that displays the data transfer rate, the amount of data transferred for the current Internet session and also the accumulated megabytes transferred, which can be reset with a button.

Download Bandwidth Monitor

Lekhaka is a transliteration software (meant for Indian users) that can be used to write in Indian languages like Hindi and Oriya through phonetic keyboard. Existing paid-packages like iLeap and Akruti are available, but I wanted to make this program free.

Download Lekhaka

WifiMouse is a remote control app that allows the user control a computer wirelessly with the help of a cellphone running Android. The WifiMouse program should be installed in the computer that needs to be controlled. The wifimouse.apk app should be installed on the Android phone.

Download WifiMouse (for PC )

Download WifiMouse (for Android phones)

For non-Android phones that support Java, the BluetoothMouse MIDlet can be installed in the phone, and BluetoothMouse program can be installed in the computer which needs to be controlled.

FileServer is a small app that lets the user download files from the phone's sdcard to a computer and vice-versa through wireless without having to plug in a data-cable each time. Read more

Download FileServer (for Android phones)

MyBriefcase is a collection of scripts that can be used to upload files to a personal web server and manage them remotely with a web browser.

Download MyBriefcase

Key Monitor is a software that will help track keyboard usage of a laptop in case it gets stolen or lost.
Key Monitor will send keystrokes, the most recent screenshot and the IP address of the laptop daily or hourly to the e-mail address specified. The program works behind wireless routers but an active Internet connection is needed to send details of the computer.

Download KeyMonitor

Please note that this page is not updated frequently.
To know about new programs and updates, see my blog.

to show my old programs that may be useful.

All programs listed on this page for download are freeware and can be installed on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
User Access Control should be disabled before installing wssecure Application Monitor on Windows 7/8.